Linda Znachko

Could 13 hours change your world?  It changed Linda’s. Nicholas lived 13 hours and, from that tiny life span, his legacy would inspire the ministry He Knows Your Name. 

On October 6, 2009, Linda Znachko watched an online news report about a baby found in a dumpster by a couple searching for scrap metal in downtown Indianapolis. In the video, the area was encircled by yellow crime scene tape as onlookers watched emergency vehicles arrive. Wearing masks, gloves, and sad faces, the crime scene professionals removed the body from the dumpster. This was now a criminal investigation. 

Linda says God seared this statement on her heart when the news reported the finding of that baby: 

A dumpster is NOT a grave!

A diaper is NOT a burial gown!

And Doe is NOT a name!

 A child of God had been discarded, tossed aside and hidden. Linda found it ironic that the news media and public was outraged; yet, aborted children of God are thrown away every day all over this country. Bystanders interviewed spoke with hatred about the mother, unwaveringly casting her as the villain. After 13 months the investigation was finally over, and baby Nicholas was reunited with his mother. Fault was found not with her, but with a negligent funeral home owner. 

Linda’s yes to adopting that baby turned into a 13 month long journey that not only brought closure to a criminal investigation, but formed an organization that was launched into something she never could have imagined. 

As a result of that journey, Linda Znachko founded He Knows Your Name, a ministry that gives children a name in life and dignity and honor in death. Linda also partners with mothers who do not want their children’s legacies to be formed around the violent circumstances of their death. Her aim is to assist the grieving to find healing in loss and purpose in knowing every life is sacred to God and every life should matter to us. 

Sadly, even with the Safe Haven law, babies are still abandoned, buried nameless, with no headstone to mark either their deaths or – more importantly – their lives. They come into this world in tragedy and are buried alone. Uncelebrated. Unnoticed.   

He Knows Your Name strives to ensure that every child receives a name in life and dignity and honor in death. It is important to Linda that the redemptive story is told, so that communities devastated by violence can be transformed through stories of hope. In the 5 years that He Knows Your Name has been in existence, Linda has adopted 5 babies in death. One had been discarded in a creek, another in the woods, one abandoned at a hospital and others abandoned at the coroner’s office, unclaimed by family. Along with their partners, He Knows Your Name provided burials or headstones for at least 20 children that came from underprivileged families.  Linda has also counseled with post abortive women all over the country who have named and memorialized their children. 

In November 2014, Linda was featured at an international conference for PLIDA (Pregnancy Loss Infant Death Alliance) an organization that seeks to inspire professional heath care workers about how He Knows Your Name encourages families of infant loss to heal through their grief. 

Linda is a sought-after speaker in churches, conferences and retreats, having taught and discipled women in God’s Word for over 25 years. Over the last five years, she has been interviewed regularly in local and regional media. She is married to Steve; together they founded Zacchaeus Foundation, which funds ministries across the globe. They are also dedicated advocates of Safe Families for Children of Indiana, the state where they raised their four children and currently reside. They recently became grandparents and believe, by faith, that the next generation will change the world. 

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